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UPSKILL Teacher Mentoring Program

Dance teacher training, development and mentorship in choreographic dance influenced by Hip Hop and Street styles.


Targeted at established, rising and aspiring dance teachers, 'Upskill' will contribute to the quality and integrity of dance teaching influenced and inspired by hip hop dance styles, other street dance styles, club dance styles and choreographic dance in Australia and the future of its industry.


Created and facilitated by Taneikah Wescombe with a highly respected, inspiring and expert faculty, the Upskill Teacher Mentoring Program will cover requisite skills, knowledge and insights into history, culture, music, dance styles and influences that underpins our industry and ideally informs our teaching.  Along with ethics, skills and techniques in teaching all ages and abilities, team development, freestyle and choreography, you will gain enhanced tools and practices in leadership, mindset, mentoring and industry, and focused competence in teaching to complement dancing expertise.   


Rhianna Tunks 

Sydney, Australia 

“Upskill provided me with a phenomenal amount of growth not only as a teacher but also as a dancer. T put her heart and soul into this and was able to provide individualised feedback which elicited  many ‘lightbulb’ moments. Learning from Upskill’s top notch faculty of teachers I have gained a breadth of knowledge that will stay with me forever throughout my teaching journey. The biggest bonus of all was meeting motivated and inspiring dancers from all around the world!”

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S E A S O N  2


August 22nd - November 28th, 2021

This program will be your most invaluable investment into a professional career in teaching dance in the Hip Hop, Street and Choreography industry.


 Upskill will be offered both in person AND online, opening the opportunity to ALL established, rising and aspiring dance teachers in our global community.

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