Choreographer / Teacher

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Internationally renowned Choreographer, Tutor, Mentor and Owner/Creative director of The House Of Sole, Australia, Upgrade Dance Competition & Upgrade Dance Camp. 


Taneikah, better known as ’T’ started dancing from the age of 3 years old.  With a history of Ballet, Jazz and Funk in her early years,

T discovered her love for hip hop dance after watching the iconic dance movie, You Got Served.  Being from a small town, The Sunshine Coast, there were NO hip hop dance classes offered, but that didn't stop T from exploring her new found passion and teaching herself from movies, music videos and youtube clips until eventually being able to travel to the city (Brisbane) to take hip hop classes.


Taneikah had started to teach dance by this stage, at two local dance studios on the Coast, teaching Jazz, Funk and Cheerleading. 

T completed a training course in dance teaching under the mentorship of a local dance school and the more her passion grew for teaching and Hip Hop dance, the more she wanted to share with others and provide an opportunity to learn on the Coast. This led her to start the FIRST ever Hip Hop dance class on the Sunshine Coast through a local dance studio, making her fall in love with the genre even more.  


After finishing year 12, In 2009, at the fresh age of 17, Taneikah started her own business, an exclusively hip hop and urban dance school for dancers of all ages and ability levels.  After years of building the dance school at local school and community halls, T found a home in Burnside and created the studio ‘THE HOUSE OF SOLE’.  Over the years, T has won 2 x Sunshine Coast Business Awards and 2019 marked Taneikah’s 10th year in business and the start of The House Of Sole SYDNEY franchise. 


Over the past 10 years, The House Of Sole has been home to multiple dance crews under a crew development program specifically designed by T.  Multiple generations of dancers have grown through the program experiencing incredible opportunities, including performing at many events, local/interstate and international dance competitions including HHI (Las Vegas), World Of Dance (LA) & Dancers Paradise (Mexico), countless productions, dance camps and workshops learning from Australia’s best and international guest choreographers and so much more.  Some of the multi-award winning dance teams choreographed by Taneikah Wescombe include Expialidopest, Checkmate, Genetik, Baby Sole Fam & SOLE FAM, 3 x Dancers Paradise International Champions.  


Taneikah created a teacher mentorship program under The House Of Sole, using her many years of experience in teaching all ages and ability levels, she has designed an exclusive mentorship program offered to all our Sole teachers and assistant teachers with the intension of building and maintaining the quality of teaching at Sole and beyond.


Another program T offers through The House Of Sole is her Travel Team Program.  This was a project designed to bring dancers from all over Australia/New Zealand together to experience an intensive training program under Taneikah and co-director Codie Wescombe and represent SOLE FAM on an International stage.  The idea was for dancers to then spread the experience and growth they gained from the program back into their home communities, teams and studios.  After 4 years of this program and 3 Gold Medals under their belts, The travel team family continues to grow with extended Sole fam dancers across Australia and New Zealand.


In 2019 Taneikah started Upgrade Dance Competition, with 4 qualifying events in Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland (NZ) & Singapore leading to a huge finals event on the Sunshine Coast, including a battle event and Upgrade Dance Camp with a HUGE lineup of International Judges and Choreographers. 


Taneikah continues to travel the world teaching and sharing her craft in many different countries including Australia-Wide, New Zealand, Guam, Singapore, China, USA and Canada.  Other credits include Judging multiple national and international dance competitions, Choreography for Monsta X (KPOP), Choreography for Australia’s Got Talent & awarded 2017 GTB Choreographer of the year.


T is recognised for the spirit and environment she creates in her dance spaces, along with her energetic, detailed and passionate teaching style.  She is known for her unique urban flavour inspired by diverse influences, which peers describe as ‘like no other girl’.  Taneikah’s number one passion is in teaching and mentorship, she aspires to continue to create more and more inventive, unique and exciting opportunities for not only the dancers at The House Of Sole but dancers and dance communities world wide.