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The incredibly talented Sole creative team bring you online tutorials from choreography of all ages and ability levels, to follow-along drills to help you upscale in various areas of urban and hip hop dance.


When purchasing a single video or unlimited pass, make sure you make the purchase from the device you want to watch the videos on.  The pass is NOT transferable to another device due to the way the platform is structured. 

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Purchase a Single Video Access pass to watch any single video as many times as you like for 3 days. Click on any video to access the payment page.


Purchase a 7-day Unlimited Access pass by clicking on any video. You will be given access to the entire library of content for 7-days.


New content added regularly!

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It is important to complete a warm up before any type of physical activity with the purpose of preventing injury by increasing the body's core and muscle temperature.  Sole Online offers a range of different dance warm ups to suit each age and skill level for FREE. 

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It is important to cool down and stretch while your muscles and joints are still warm after physical activity.  Stretching can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which can lead to muscle cramping and stiffness.  Stretching will also increase flexibility and reset the body after training. Sole Online offers a range of different cool down tutorials to suit each age group and time availability as well as a fascial stretch series to focus on specific parts of the body for FREE.


Fun, easy to follow Hip Hop Dance tutorials for toddlers - 7 years of age (Ages are a guideline only) 
Only $5 per class.


Fun, easy to follow Hip Hop Dance tutorials targeted at kids aged 8-12 (Ages are a guideline only) 
Only $8 per class

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Beginner-level dance tutorials targeted at teens and adults
Prices ranging from $5-10

Intermediate Choreography.jpg

Intermediate-level dance tutorials targeted at teens and adults
Prices ranging from $5-10

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Advanced level dance tutorials targeted at teens and adults 
Prices ranging from $5-10


Train and Up-skill in specific areas of dance with the HUGE range of Sole online drill tutorials.  From Hip Hop dance foundations, hip hop & urban dance technique, music series, freestyle series & more - find something for all ages and all skill levels. 
Only $5 per class

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Keep active and healthy during this time with a range of different fitness tutorials including workouts and pilates, all for FREE... get the whole family involved!!


Keep your mind and body happy and healthy with our well-being tutorials... YOGA, MEDITATION & MINDSET series, all for FREE!!