jessikah nisbit


Casual program manager / Teacher / Choreographer / Mentor 

Jessikah started her dancing journey as a Sole OG training under
Taneikah Wescombe when she was in her teens. She then went on to complete a fulltime dance course at Ikin Dance where she graduated witha Certificate IV in Dance and Certificate III and IV in Fitness training. Since then has made appearances in TV productions, music videos and hashad the opportunity to work with artists such as Bombs Away andAustralian Rapper Christian James. She has taught in numerous dance spaces throughout Australia, New Zealand, America and China and is currently a part of the 2019 competition crews program at “The House of Sole”. Jessikah is very excited to be able to teach and share her passion for dance with everyone who joins in her classes and is all about the vibeand having a damn good time!