Choreographer / Teacher

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Codie Jai Wescombe is a dancer, choreographer, mentor and creative & visual director, rapidly rising in demand and reputation for her talent, versatility, creative inspiration and leadership. Codie’s dance journey started when she was 3 years of age. She has been mentored by one of Australia’s most sought-after urban choreographers, Taneikah ’T’ Wescombe - Director/owner of The House of Sole.


Codie Jai is respected for her versatility across Hip Hop and Urban Dance genres and an increasing repertoire of commercial, cultural and conventional dance styles influenced by the opportunities she has been presented with. She is known for her artistic flair in exploring an expressing movement, her spirited energy and ability to inspire quality creative outcomes.

Her credits include:

Assistant Director/Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer - multi-award winning The House of Sole

Teaching Australia-wide and New Zealand.

Choreographer and coach of multi-award-winning teams

Adult Champion winner of Grounded 2018 and “Most Outstanding Team Performance

Dancer with Genetik & Sole Fam - Multiple National and international Championships

Back to back winners at Dancers Paradise Mexico 2016-2017

Featured in a variety of concept videos and videos for aspiring music and dance artists

Lived in China for 3 months on a contract with an entertainment company called SDT.

Back up dancing for artists and dancing on multiple TV shows, events and artist tours.

Worked with Multiple recognised national dance companies such as LA TALENT, PLAY DANCE ACADEMY, VILLAGE NATION, VANGUARD and many more.

Hired by internationally recognised choreographer Kiel Tutin, as a back up dancer for Chinese artist JOLIN Tsai’s new music video.


Codie Jai is a passionate advocate of a collaborative, supportive &innovative dance community, valuing sportsmanship, collective gratification & healthy role modelling within the evolving industry.